Cyprus Domestic Transportation Services

One can travel around Cyprus either by bus or by taxi. There are no trains in Cyprus.

Visitors are requested to confirm itineraries and prices with the appropriate companies as these are subject to alterations.


Bus Service Facilities

1. Interurban buses:

Various Bus companies link all major towns and Larnaka Airport with routes at specified intervals.

For more information please contact:

a) L.L.L.A. Intercity Buses Ltd

Tel: 70 00 77 89, 23 81 90 90


Routes available:

Lefkosia – Lemesos, Lemesos–Lefkosia

Lefkosia – Larnaka, Larnaka – Lefkosia

Lefkosia – Protaras/Paralimni, Protaras/Paralimni – Lefkosia

Lefkosia – Pafos, Pafos – Lefkosia

Lemesos – Pafos, Pafos – Lemesos

Larnaka – Lemesos, Lemesos – Larnaka

Larnaka – Protaras/Paralimni, Protaras/Paralimni – Larnaka

b) Kapnos & Sons Transport Ltd

Tel: 77 77 14 77


Routes available:

Lefkosia – Larnaka Airport, Larnaka Airport – Lefkosia

c) Transport Company for Limassol District (EMEL) Ltd

Tel: 77 77 81 21


Routes available:

Lemesos – Larnaka Airport, Larnaka Airport – Lemesos

2. Public Service vehicles

These operate frequently during daytime and in certain areas area extended till midnight.

For more information concerning timetables you may contact: 


Transport Organisation for Nicosia District (OSEL) Ltd

Tel: 77 77 77 55



Transport Company for Limassol District (EMEL) Ltd

Tel: 77 77 81 21



Larnaka Buses Zenonas Ltd

Tel: 80 00 77 44



Pafos Transport Organisation Ltd

Tel: 80 00 55 88



M.E. Ammochostos Buses Ltd

Tel: 23 81 90 90



L.L.L.A Intercity Buses Ltd

Tel: 23 81 90 90


Taxi Service Facilities

1. Transurban Service (shared) Taxis:

This service offers the opportunity to share a taxi with 4-8 other passengers. It provides connection between all major towns of Cyprus (Lefkosia, Lemesos, Larnaka, Pafos) every half hour, Monday-Friday 06:00-18:00, Saturday and Sunday 07:00-17:00. Seats can be booked by phone and passengers can be collected from and dropped to, at any place they wish, within the municipal boundaries. No service offered on Public Holidays. Service taxis do not operate between:

a) the airports and the towns

b) towns and villages.

For more information and reservations one may apply at:"Pagkypria Eteria Yperastikon Taxi Ltd'' (Cyprus Interurban Taxi Co Ltd) TRAVEL & EXPRES, Tel.: 77 77 74 74 or

LEFKOSIA: Leoforos Salaminos, Municipal Parking Place (Kolokasi) Tel: 22 73 08 88

LEMESOS: Gonia Kavazoglou & Misiaouli Tel: 25 87 76 66

LARNAKA: a) Gonia Papakyriakou & Tel: 24 66 10 10


b) Kimonos 2

PAFOS: Evagora Pallikaridi 8 Tel: 26 92 38 00

PARALIMNI: Tassou Markou 10 Tel: 23 82 60 61

2. Rural Taxis:

Rural taxis are allowed to be hired from their base station only.

An exception is permitted, when hiring is made at the airport or seaport, where the taxi driver must present such document proving the collection of certain customers. Rural taxis are not equipped with taximeters. Charging commences upon the entry of a passenger in the taxi and is based on the following chart:

a) Tariff I (06:01–20:30 hrs): Single trip €0,63 per km. Return trip €0,49 per km.

b) Tariff II (20:30–06:00 hrs): Single trip at night €0,715 per km. Return trip €0,63 per km.

c) For every piece of luggage weighing more than 12kg there is a charge of €0,63 (per piece).

d) Delay or waiting time charge:

For tariff I €14,45 per hour.

For tariff II €18,82 per hour.

e) Minimum Charge: €3,64

3. Urban Taxis:

This is a 24 hours service provided in all towns. Taxis can be booked by phone or be hired from the street. Urban taxis are equipped with taximeters, the use of which is obligatory. Charging commences upon the entrance of a passenger in the taxi and is based on the following chart:

Tariff I Tariff II

06:01-20:30 20:31-06:00

a) Initial charge €3,42 €4,36

b) Fare per Km €0,73 €0,85

c) Delay or waiting time per hour €13,66 €15,71

d) For every piece of luggage €1,20 €1,20

Notes: Taxis charge an extra supplement of €1,96 per ride during the following public Holidays: 24th, 25th, 26th, 31st December, 1st of January, Good Friday, Good Saturday, Easter Sunday, Monday after Easter and 1st of May.

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