Within the scope of harmonization with the Services Directive, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism has established the Point of Single Contact (PSC Cyprus) in order to facilitate the establishment of businesses in the services sector and the cross border provision of services within the internal market.

The PSC Cyprus Portal (www.businessincyprus.gov.cy) provides comprehensive information regarding the administrative procedures and formalities required for the access to, and exercise of, service activities that fall within the scope of the Services Directive (http://www.businessincyprus.gov.cy/mcit/psc/psc.nsf/permits_en/permits_en?OpenDocument#H), including the horizontal procedures and formalities for setting up of a business in the Republic of Cyprus, such as Income Tax registration, VAT registration, Social Security registration, and Registration of Companies.

In parallel, through the PSC Cyprus Portal, the online submission of application forms as well as the tracking of the ongoing administrative procedures, is offered, for a number of registrations/authorizations, related to:

  • Τhe establishment of a business, such as VAT Registration, Taxpayer's Registration, Social Insurance Scheme Registration;
  • Τhe access to and exercise of service activities, such as the establishment of a catering establishment, the engineering science practice; and
  • Τhe temporary provision of services across border, such as the temporary provision of veterinarian services.
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