Health care system

Medical treatment and assistance in Cyprus is offered free of charge to international tourists in cases of emergency at the Accident and Emergency Department of Government Hospitals and Health Institutions. EU citizens must produce an E111 form issued by their country's health care authorities to obtain additional health care. Holiday makers can also use their health insurance towards their medical expenses, provided the policy covers the length of their stay on the island.



Cyprus has no dangerous infectious diseases. Visitors do not require any vaccinations to travel to Cyprus.


Safety in Cyprus

Cyprus has an excellent reputation for being a safe and friendly place. You can help us keep it that way. A few basic precautions can be enough to protect your belongings.


Pharmacies and Medications

Medicine can be purchased at pharmacies on presentation of a doctor's prescription. Almost all brands of medicine are available in Cyprus . Pharmacies are all marked with a green cross.


Emergency Numbers

In case of emergency call 112 wherever you are on the island.

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