Experience the island's culture, history and wonderful scenery from the saddle of a bike. A cycle tour enables you to come across things which you would probably miss from inside a car. A chance encounter with a local, a stunning landscape to linger over, the sights and sounds of nature from up close, an ancient ruin or a secluded cove. Follow one of the many cycling routes or even make your own. Set the pace you desire whether training or leisure and feel your lungs with fresh air while making your bit to fight global warming and protect the environment.


Agia Napa - Pyrgos Xylofagou Cycling Route

This excursion does the round from Agia Napa to Xylofagou, returning along the Xylofagou - Agia Napa road. The 32 kilometres route begins at the little harbour of Agia Napa, climbing towards the north until it reaches the traffic lights where it turns left and to the west, along the bicycle path on the left hand side of the road. It then goes past Makronisos on the dirt road that leads to the chapel at Agia Thekla and the fishing shelter by Potamos Liopetriou. Heading south, it rounds Cape Pylato the Xylofagou Medieval Tower. From there it takes a northern course to reach the outskirts of Xylofagou, then turns right and to the east on to the Xylofagou - Agia Napa road back to Agia Napa.

Start Point: Agia Napa

End Point: Agia Napa

Total Distance: 32 kilometres

Difficulty Rate: An easy route but it requires a 21-speed mountain bike.

Road Conditions: A combination of paved and unpaved roads.


Ancient Amathous - Governor's Beach Cycling Route

This15 kilometres excursion is for mountain bike fanatics who will appreciate the technical difficulties involved. Although there are few changes in gradient, a large part is on rocky ground and requires a good sense of balance and technical skills. It starts where the Lemesos (Limassol) - ancient Amathous route ends, continuing in the same direction along the old Lemesos - Lefkosia (Nicosia) road for 5 kilometres as far as the Moni fly over. There it turns off onto a dirt road to the right and heads south towards the coast. It goes past a number of industrial units as well as the Moni quarry where it turns left heading east. This part of the route is full of cycling thrills. It ends up at Governor's Beach. Halfway along the route (about 4 kilometres) is a biological waste-processing unit. Just before the uphill leading to the unit, there is a narrow path carved out of the cliff on the right that descends to the dry riverbed of Agios Georgios Alamanos. The road at the riverbed is smoother and heads north for about 600 metres before turning right in order to cross to the other side. It is not far from there to the coast, with Governor's Beach 5 kilometres away.

Start Point: Ancient Amathous

End Point: Governor's Beach

Total Distance: 15 kilometres

Difficulty Rate: Hard and uneven surface. It requires a good quality mountain bike with 24 speeds and front fork suspension.

Road Conditions: Apart from the first 5 kilometres of paved roads, the rest of the route is on an uneven surface.


Athalassa National Forest Park Cycling Route

The Athalassa National Forest Park has a 16 kilometres long bicycle path created at the initiative of the Forestry Department. It is a popular area for the inhabitants of the capital who go there to exercise or just for recreation. It is located south of Lefkosia (Nicosia) and to the east of the Lefkosia - Lemesos (Nicosia - Limassol) motorway.

Start Point: South of Lefkosia

End Point: East of the Lefkosia - Lemesos motorway

Total Distance: 16 kilometres

Difficulty Rate: An easy route for all types of bicycle.

Road Conditions: Paved road throughout.


Geroskipou - Pafos Cycling Route

This 24 kilometres excursion goes from Geroskipou to the Monastery of Stavros tis Minthas and the golf course, and then on to the village of Tsada before ending in Pafos (Paphos). The route starts from the centre of Geroskipou and goes towards Lemesos (Limassol), travelling along the old Lemesos - Pafos road. Between Geroskipou and Koloni, a turning to the left leads to Agia Marinouda in the north. The route goes through the village and climbs north to reach the village of Marathounta. From there it turns right, climbing up towards the village of Episkopi in the Pafos district. Just before the top of the hill, the route takes the dirt road to the left, leading to the golf course and the Monastery of Stavros tis Minthas. From here, a paved road covers the 3 kilometres to the village of Tsada. From Tsada, it is downhill to Pafos along the Pafos - Polis road.

Start Point: Geroskipou

End Point: Pafos

Total Distance: 24 kilometres

Difficulty Rate: Not very difficult, but not easy either. A mountain bike of 21 speeds is required.

Road Conditions: A variety of surfaces of both paved and dirt roads.


Karvounas - Prodromos Cycling Route

The Karvounas - Prodromos route is divided into two parts: a 10 kilometres descent (8 kilometres in a forest dirt track) and a steady ascent for the remaining 12.7 kilometres. It is rated as a route of medium difficulty. At the first signposted viewpoint, 5 kilometres from the starting point, Kakopetria village spreads down towards the heart of Solea valley. About 15 km from the starting point of this route, cyclists arrive at the Stavroullia rest and view point. Here, as at the Marathos picnic site 2.5 kilometres farther on, the Marathasa valley reveals its splendour with the villages of Pedoulas, Moutoullas and Kalopanagiotis to the west. Farther north, the village of Gerakies nestles against the background of the mountain peak of Kykkos and its famous monastery.

Start Point: Karvounas

End Point: Prodromos

Total Distance: 22,7 kilometres

Difficulty Rate: Medium with very good accessibility by bicycle.

Road Conditions: Good quality tarmac and forest dirt track in good condition (Depending on weather conditions).


Important International and Local Cycling Events

Great weather, challenging country trails and ideal infrastructure make Cyprus the perfect place for mountain bikers. Competitive riders from all over the world come to the island to hone their skills and collect points or win prize money. The Cyprus Cycling Federation, a member of the International Cycling Union (UCI) organises a number of competitions throughout the year.

Cyprus Sunshine Cup is an international series of five Mountain Bike events held under the auspices of UCI (Union Cyclist International). The events are organised during spring every year and it covers many areas of the island. The courses of the events are designed in a way to suit the abilities of top elite riders but also give pleasure to the fun and leisure bikers. In addition "Podilatokinisis", (Tel00357-22315656) as well as the Lemesos (Limassol) Cycling Club, ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Τel. 00357 97809451, 00357 97809452) hold various non racing cycling activities where everyone is welcome. So if cycling sounds like too much hard work, just come and watch and join in the fun on a great day outdoors.

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