Religious tolerance and multiculturalism in Cyprus always characterized Cypriot life, since Greek-Cypriots are Greek Orthodox Christians whereas Turkish-Cypriots are Muslims. The voice of the Muezzin, calling the Muslims to prayer, blends harmoniously with the bells of the churches, calling the Christians to the divine service.

Churches and monasteries, built in the previous centuries, with frescoes and icons of great archaeological value, as well as Muslim mosques are scattered through the island. A visit to an Orthodox Church or monastery is a great experience. A monastery worth-visiting is the Kykkos Monastery, and its chapel with the beautiful gold decoration. Visitors to churches and monasteries should be appropriately dressed; women are not allowed to enter the monastery of Stavrovouni at Larnaka district.

The Hala Sultan Tekke is the most important monument for the Muslims of the island. It is located on the shore of the Salt Lake in Larnaka and in its present form it was built in the 18th and early 19th centuries. It is a complex of structures made up of a mosque, a mausoleum, a minaret and living quarters for men and women.

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